Hifz Academy

Dear Parents and Families,

We would like to welcome both new and returning families to the Hifz Academy’s upcoming school year. We are proud to offer your children a safe and engaging learning environment, where they can memorize the Holy Qur’an while achieving academic excellence for grades K-12th.

Jazakallahu khair,

Sr. Mariam Razak
Hifz Academy
School Administrator

Quranic / Hifz Curriculum:

Curriculum is designed for completion of memorization of Qur’an within 4 - 6 years, contingent upon student ability and parental support.

3 part program:

1. New Lesson
2. Review of most recent lessons (10-15 pages)
3. Review of “older” memorized Ajzaa (Parahs)

Third party tests each student at the end of each Juz’ (Parah). Biannual testing of all memorized Surahs.

Foundation class:Teaches students the fundamentals of the Qur’anic Arabic, and proper Tajweed before beginning memorization.

​Academic Curriculum:

Grades: K-12

K, Elementary Curriculum (1st – 5th): Houghton Mifflin
Middle school (6th – 8th) and high school (9th -12th: Florida Virtual School and Plato (Global Student Network)

Subjects offered: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Islamic Studies

Standardized testing (SAT/FSA) conducted annually.