Dar Ul Uloom was established in an effort to preserve the tradition of reading and memorizing the Quran. Boys and girls ages 5 to 16 are taught how to read and memorize Quran. Children are taught according to their levels, beginning with learning the alphabet, the grammatical rules of reading the Quran, and finally memorizing the surahs of the Quran with emphasis on proper articulation (tajweed).

Children read and memorize Quran with Imam Said Al-Albani

Ages: Boys & Girls ages 5-16
Days:Monday - Thursday 2pm - 9pm; Saturday 9am - 5pm; Sunday 12pm - 5pm
Fees:$50/ month

To register your child in Dar Ul Uloom, print and submit your completed application to ISTABA's administration office.

Dar Ul Uloom Registration